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For over 25 years our Strategic Communications & Management team help develop both strategic plans and flawless business processes to execute them. We manage strategic business planning and offer the finest performance management programs and processes. We provide the set of tools necessary to deliver effective and consistent strategic visions.

We offer innovative Total Quality Improvement (TQI) consulting & communications services and have been able to assist our customers in meeting their communications objectives by providing customized, innovative and cost effective messaging solutions in a timely and efficient manner.  GBS recognizes that public engagement is critical to the success of any entity, therefore, we assess, recommend, implement, and manage communication solutions. 

Identifying and reaching your target audience.

Results Driven Strategies that work

  • Strategic planning is more than a report on a shelf; it’s a living document that governs the life of your business or organization.
  • Our strategic plans identify the goals, activities and metrics each organization or company needs to fulfill its mission.
  • Successful strategic plans align with ongoing operational plans to marry the long term with the immediate.
  • Identify, evaluate, and capitalize on strategic business opportunities.
  • Execute a consensus within agency management teams on decisions affecting performance, financial, and systems planning Identify new business opportunities and best practices to enhance agency performance.
  • Identify key performance issues, obstacles, recommendations, and/or realignment of priorities to further the agency corporate vision and goals.
  • Promote public awareness and understanding of agency/corporate missions by developing and disseminating key information to internal and external stakeholders.


Assessment & Solutions

  • Public and Stakeholder Inquires
  • Evaluation of Marketing Products and Successes
  • Presentation and Supportive Research 


Change Management

  • Work Status Tracking
  • Communication Material Development
  • Information Management



  • Media & Public Relations
  • Social Media Management 
  • Web-based Digital Services
  • Exhibition & Event Management



  • Language Adaptation
  • Translation Services
  • International Outreach Programs