Helping you reach your full potential

At GBS we help our clients develop and improve their workforce. Our comprehensive enterprise management delivery model provides an integrated approach to managing performance and delivering effective training. Our model includes implementing and supporting cost effective innovative solutions that help to bridge the gap between business and the Federal Government.

 The Performance Management deliverables developed by GBS are designed to bring increased accountability and transparency to the Performance Management Cycle. The tools and training provided will lead to better employee development and improve the quality of leadership review. They will also enable supervisors to make educated decisions regarding Performance Management for further organizational growth and employee career development. Our approach to the mapping of performance measures and metrics to the organizational unit level, is to define organization-level performance thresholds and goals, and document/refine a governance model for how organization unit performance will be reviewed against stated goals on a periodic basis in order to highlight specific areas for performance improvement. 

Performance Growth Through:

GBS performs in an efficient manner and provides the following services meeting the highest of standards: 

Human Capital Management Services:
  • Elevating, Integrating and Mastering Cost Effective Human Capital Processes and Management Solutions.
  • Assist leadership to define, document, and implement entity metrics.
Performing Effectively and Efficiently:
  • Providing effective solutions towards a more collaborative working environment.
  • Perform root cause analysis to define quality issues and define corrective action.
Quality Control
  • Provide guidance on the development of quality assurance policies, plans, standards, and procedures for all of our clients.
  • Assist leadership to define, document, and implement Division quality control functions.
  • Audit quality control functions to ensure compliance to quality standards. (e.g. plan review and field inspection processes).


Learning & Development:

  • Learning paths and certificates
  • Course catalog administration
  • Event scheduling and logistics
  • Evaluation and assessments
  • Accounting and content development


Performance Evaluation

  • Planning and evaluation support
  • Feedback collection
  • Individual profile maintenance


Succession planning

  • Maintenance of Succession Trees
  • Tracking and Monitoring of High Potentials
  • Development of Incumbent
  • Candidate Profiles


Emergency Management Solutions

  • Cost Effective, Proven services solution
  • Best in Class Program Management
  • Superior Quality Training Services Solution
  • Ability to provide Exercise Training Services
  • Provide all of our services in English and Spanish