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GBS builds Human Capital programs aimed at providing the highest quality and integrity. We tailor each program to maximize the needs of each client we serve. In today's competitive environment GBS' team of professionals offer expert solutions while offering cost effective methods meeting each project on time and on budget.

GBS is commited to offering the best quality and professional Human Capital staff. We offer leadership training solutions allowing each employee the opportunity to grow within the GBS family. This method has allowed us to hire the best people providing the best Human Capital solutions to our client's meeting all industry requirements.

Tailored Solutions For:

Timely and Iterative Planning and Execution

  • Human Capital Objectives and Actions alignment with overarching organizational goals and priorities
      • Retain, centralize, and cascade most recent overarching organizational goals and priorities
      • Establish timeline for ongoing Human Capital goals and priorities to match timeline of overarching organizational goals and priorities
      • Publish and socialize evolving short-term and long-term Human Capital goals, priorities, and goal achievement
  • Leverage a standardized and repeatable Organizational Change Management Methodology to support new and growing efforts
    • Develop and support internal Change Leaders and Change Agents
Alignment of Human Capital with Core Principles

  • Development of a Performance Management Program is a vehicle for increased accountability and transparency
    • Implement tools to assist in highlighting the importance of effective Performance Management
    • Leverage peer review and evaluation to determine appropriate actions to take to support the Performance Management Goals
  • Leaders and Supervisors are given the tools they need to effectively manage performance
    • Develop and deliver supervisor-specific learning and communication activities to influence supervisor performance management capabilities
    • Human Capital workforce visibly support leaders, supervisors, and employees to grow their performance management capabilities
  • High performing individuals and teams are recognized and rewarded
    • Leverage non-monetary awards to influence and reward high performance
Competency-Based Management Framework and Program Development and Implementation

  • Construct and leverage a Competency-Based Management Framework and Program for workforce management
    • Review and leverage an organization's past work on competency development
    • Follow an iterative and phased approach to executing a Competency-Based Management model
    • Launch an Organization-wide Competency-Based Management program incorporated into an Organization-wide Human Capital Lifecycle
An Overall Successful Workforce

  • Aid an organization to standardize and optimize recruitment, selection, and hiring process
  • Provide a comprehensive learning and development program for all employees that addresses gaps in critical workforce skills, and supports the growth of personnel in meeting the strategic mission/goals
    • Leverage ongoing and iterative needs assessments to properly design an organization-wide training framework and ensures that supports employees’ short- and long-term development
    • Create a consistent, long-term onboarding program to orient employees to Organization Mission and Vision and their occupational roles, including a comprehensive plan to integrate them with specific learning activities targeted at regular intervals
  • Supervisors and staff are well-informed of all applicable learning opportunities in a timely and effective manner
    • Implement a comprehensive communication campaign to ensure employees and supervisors are knowledgeable about what training courses and professional development opportunities are available, and what skills and competencies they help develop


Needs Assessment

  • Organizational As-Is Assessment
  • Current Organization Realignment Package: Phase I
  • Preliminary Recommended Realignment Package: Phase II
  • Detailed Final Organization Alignment Plan: Phase III
  • w

    Recommendation and Approach

  • Human Capital Job Design Approach
  • Preliminary High-Level Realignment Recommendations
  • Manpower Analysis Approach
  • Job Analysis & Design Approach
  • Manpower Analysis Approach
  • Organization Change Management (OCM) Approach
  • $

    Change Management

  • Job Task/Analysis Documentation Management
  • Employee Handbook
  • Communications Plan
  • HR Strategic Planning & Alignment
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Employee Surveys/Core Values
  • Supervisory Guide
  • Performance Measurement
  • Collaborative & Integrated OCM - Training Plan
  • a

    Human Capital Administrative Support

  • On-Boarding Management
  • Communications Support
  • Employee Surveys
  • Cultural Assesment
  • Clerical Support