Our Range of Services



Event Management

GBS is a full service event/meeting & conference management company focused on strategic event execution including budgeting, web hosting, event registration, vendor negotiation, on-site experienced staff, travel and overall management solutions.


Strategic Communications

We offer innovative consulting & communications services and have been able to assist our customers in meeting their communications objectives by providing customized, innovative and cost effective messaging solutions in a timely and efficient manner.


Human Capital Solutions

GBS leads as a goal-oriented company that relies in great part on a well-planned, executed, and measured Human Capital strategic goals, objectives, and actions to build and retain a high-performing, engaged, and empowered workforce for all of our clients.


Training Solutions

Team GBS provides exceptional, innovative training solutions including workshops tailored to each of the four career stages: early career, mid-career, supervisory and management.


Performance Management

At GBS we help our clients develop and improve their workforce with our comprehensive enterprise management delivery model that provides an integrated approach to managing performance and delivering effective training.


Workforce Management

GBS believes that a commitment to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion is critical for any employer. With that belief we aid entities with development recruitment policies that endeavor to achieve a work force from all segments of society.


Project Management

GBS is dedicated to providing exceptional Project Management solutions towards implementing and applying key measures supporting our Government and Commercial clients project performance needs and improving the initial return on investments.


GBS In The News

GBS's President Lourdes Martin-Rosa is active in the media advocating for small businesses in government contracting across the nation.

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